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Helping You Level Up Your Life

It starts here, it starts now, and I'll be with you every step of the way, with your client-oriented, ADHD life coaching. I can help you by:

~ Showing you how to navigate life issues with ADHD

~ Supporting you when things get rough

~ Guiding you when things are tricky and confusing

~ Give you space to help you process a million thoughts

And most importantly...

...cheering you on when you're awesome.

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Ready to explore possibility, level up in new ways, and make some life changes? Let's work together.



Sometimes we are trapped by our own brain, stuck in our own thoughts, unable to break out and move forward, or just going round in circles (or nowhere at all...). 


That "To Do List"? It's...just too overwhelming. Sometimes everything is...just too much. 

Constantly feeling like a failure, or feeling overwhelmed with no end in sight...and you just want to find a way out.

RSD, constant masking, PDA,  overwhelm, anxiety, and MANY of the other ADHD co-morbidities can also get in the bin for as long as possible, too...!


Having someone else to assist you, be your cheerleader, offer support, or just present you with the alternative thinking which you're desperate to grasp, can be a massive step forward.


Your self value should be paramount to you. Your success is personal to me. You’re not in this alone, and I want to see you shine.


Meet Jay Émme...

Hi! I'm a professional life coach, and I myself have ADHD. I am trained to Masters degree level, with a diploma and BA along the way.

My desire to help, support, and encourage other people was present from a very young age, and I have always had some sort of coaching role throughout my life. 

Having completed my Masters degree with a distinction, in the middle of the pandemic, I became increasingly aware that one of my children might have ADHD. 1 day before my final degree project, I myself was diagnosed with ADHD, and have since also been diagnosed as autistic. As strange as it sounds, I pride myself on being able to relate as closely as possible to the experiences of my clients, so that I may be more empathetic to their circumstances and needs.

My style is based on transformational life coaching, with a view to looking at language, self care, and exploring possibility. I will challenge you (because I don't want you to remain stuck), and I will give you tools to keep moving forward.

I have coached clients worldwide, including the UK, to Europe, to the USA. I believe in inclusivity, sensitivity, and confidentiality, and I believe in helping you create a better life for you.

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As featured on...

Making Your ADHD Work In A Neurotypical World

The neurodiverse brain works in very many different ways to most people might expect. It can feel extremely hard - almost impossible - to do the things which seem to come so easily to everyone else.

Being told to "just calm down", or "just think positive thoughts", can make you feel more anxious because your amazing neurodiverse brain - perhaps coupled with anxiety and many other comorbidities - doesn't seem to want to comply. Your brain isn't wired to conform to neurotypical standards, which can make life extremely difficult.

You may also struggle with harnessing energy and focus when it comes to crunch times, or you haven't yet found coping strategies which work for you.

All of these things, plus the every day life challenges, can often leave you feeling lonely, frustrated, and very misunderstood.

This is where I help you, giving you the tools to make things work for you, with less frustration!

You're definitely in the right place if:

~ You are full of ideas and need help seeing ways to increase performance

~ You feel a bit stuck and are keen to move forwards in your life

~ You want to set some big goals, and need help achieving them

~ You're frustrated with your ADHD, and want better ways to cope with changing your mindset

~ You need someone to show you exactly how to be your own best cheerleader!

You may want to reconsider if...

~ You don't feel like you really want to commit and do the work

~ You're not really sure about what you want out of life, and aren't really bothered about your future.

~ You don't like it when someone is very honest with you and may call you out(!)

~ You are currently dealing with or working through addiction, trauma, abuse, or in some sort of therapy - let's talk about this before we go any further.

Testimonials and kind words...

I asked my friends, "When you think of me, what's something you think I'm good at? Can be ANYTHING." Here's a tiny handful of things they said...

"You need to be heard, and you need to be cheered on, bolstered by your coach and mentor. And that is precisely what Jay does. Invest in yourself and try at least one session with Jay. It'll be worth it!"

~ C. Tu

"Love, Jay. For your people, for your family, for your friends, for your life, for your work, for your interests - you are so fully, soul deep committed to the things you love, and love it with every atom so it pulses out of you."

L. Adams

"I love your energy, even when you are being completely raw and sharing your innermost thoughts and demons you are an inspiration and ooze positivity."

P. Chi Fung

"Describing things. Most people can’t even tell me what their coffee tasted like, yet you can make me feel like I was there WITH you drinking it. For coffee read photography/cello/university/hula hoop/biking/cooking/sad/happy/love/life yah. Incredible talent that."

G. Robertson

"Honesty - especially when self-evaluating. I know some people put themselves down so they get hundreds of confidence-bolstering, ego-building comments but I know you’re just being you - an open book, giving people a real insight into your life."

N. O'Hara

"The energy you bring to everything! You sure seem able to do whatever you put your mind to, and to exceed at it, meeting you at ewe photography and bringing out the absolute best of your subjects, hula hooping of course! Your Sid fiddling is amazing... The way you blast through everything with your fabulous smile and infectious enthusiasm 💜 The honesty about the crippling side of mental health also really helps awareness of the masks we wear and not to judge people on what we are shown of them. All in all I think you're pretty fab 💜💜💜"

K. Quayle

Frequently Asked Questions...

My sessions are as follows:

  1. Single sessions - £247 (up to 40 minutes, 1-on-1)
  2. 12 week 1-to-1 program: £3495 (payment plans available)

  3. VIP Day 1-on-1 program: £2245

That can be entirely down to you, and will most likely depend on the topic(s) you wish to discuss! Some clients just book a single session with one topic, but inevitably end up returning for more once they see the possibilities and realise there's more to discuss. Others might prefer to work intensively over a period of time to make sure everything sticks, whilst others are ready to dive right in, and hyperfocus for the day. We can discuss your options further at your consultation.

If you are willing to do the work, and commit to the session(s) we have, then you could notice results or differences almost immediately. Bigger life challenges may 

At the moment, all session are conducted online, via Zoom or similar. If we are doing a VIP Day, we can arrange for it to be in person at a mutually agreed location.

You might not need one! But...if you're feeling stuck with something in life, or if you feel like you just want a little bit of extra support...or maybe you just want to bounce thoughts off someone who is more than likely to understand what you're going through...then you should seriously consider a life coach.

My coaching style is not therapy or counselling. However, I am certified with Animas Transformational Coaching, I have amassed years of experience, both lived experience and via working with others, I am educated, extremely intuitive, focused, and I will be highly attuned to your needs. 

This is the first of the brave, amazing, anti-procrastination, "screw you in the face Executive Dysfunction" steps you will take.

 And I would love to help you take that step into a better life.

ADHD Coaching Investments

It's time to discover how your ADHD life can be significantly improved, with the right help and support

Hyperfocus Session - £375

Single 3 hour session
1:1 session via Zoom/Skype

Deep Dive - £800

4 single 1 hour sessions
1:1 session via Zoom/Skype
Must be taken within 4 weeks

The Long Game - £2500

Fortnightly 1 hour sessions
1:1 via Zoom/Skype
Interim messaging support

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