Meet... Jay Émme

Jay Émme BA (hons), MA (distinction) - Neurodiverse thinking for those already outside the box

The Business Side...

I've trained in cello performance since the age of six (30+ years of training!), completing a Masters Degree (distinction), focused on performance.

I've coached many other people of all ages, through exams and performances, whilst helping others find their path, walk it with confidence, and encourage them to step up and reach for their dreams.

Right now I am also honing my skills further by training as a certified Transformational Life Coach, whilst continuing to coach ADHD clients, and perform regularly on my cello for events.

Personal Testimonials

I asked Facebook friends "When you think of me, what's something you think I'm good at? Can be ANYTHING." Here's a tiny handful of things they said...

"Being honest and a kind open book to teach others about what it means to be and be supportive to those who are neuro-diverse."

P Chi Fung

"Love. For your people, for your family, for your friends, for your life, for your work, for your interests - you are so fully, soul deep committed to the things you love, and love it with every atom so it pulses out of you."

L Adams

"Describing things. Most people can’t even tell me what their coffee tasted like, yet you can make me feel like I was there WITH you drinking it. For coffee read photography/cello/university/hula hoop/biking/cooking/sad/happy/love/life yah. Incredible talent that."

G Robertson

"Honesty - especially when self-evaluating. I know some people put themselves down so they get hundreds of confidence-bolstering, ego-building comments but I know you’re just being you - an open book, giving people a real insight into your life."

N O'Hara

"The energy you bring to everything! You sure seem able to do whatever yu out your mind to, and to exceed at it, meeting you at ewe photography and bringing out the absolute best of your subjects, hula hooping of course! Your Sid fiddling is amazing... The way you blast through everything with your fabulous smile and infectious enthusiasm 💜 The honesty about the crippling side of mental health also really helps awareness of the masks we wear and not to judge people on what we are shown of them. All in all I think you're pretty fab 💜💜💜"

K Quayle

"Being authentic, unapologetically. Choosing to see positives. A grateful attitude."

K Wood

"Total honesty over mental health, I admire your strength and struggles."

S Brickman

"I love your energy, even when you are being completely raw and sharing your innermost thoughts and demons you are an inspiration and ooze positivity x"

L Nash

...and The Personal Side

So let me be perfectly transparent, because that's how I operate best.

I myself am diagnosed with ADHD, and am unmedicated. I am also Autistic, and have two neurodiverse boys (aged 12 and 13, and they're amazing). It was because of the behaviours of my kiddos which is why I came to my own diagnosis!

When not coaching or performing at weddings, I can be found spending time with my beautiful partner, doing lots of crochet, manifesting and visual planning, riding my bmx, playing Minecraft with my boys, streaming on Twitch, and generally doing anything which uses my boundless mental and physical energy.


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